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Immerse Yourself in Newport!

When you stay on the coast, you should take in the beautiful views of the ocean, bay, and harbor. It’s a non-negotiable! Get a taste of what it’s like to visit and live in Newport, a friendly coastal town where fishing fleets, stores, restaurants, workplaces, art lovers, and families live in harmony with open, green public areas, beautiful beaches, and cleansing rain. Watch to find out why everyone is in Newport.
Whether you’re hiking, crabbing, shopping or tasting new and favorite flavors, it's practically impossible to visit without taking away a lasting memory.
- Audry West


Overlooking the Sea Lion Docks and the Yaquina Bay, Clearwater Restaurant brings an award-winning culinary experience with top-notch service, ambiance, and coastal comfort.

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Get out and look around Newport

In the Middle of the Action

The heart of Newport, the bayfront, is home to a working fishing fleet, the dungeness capital of the world, some of the best restaurants, shopping, and views on the Oregon Coast and attractions for the whole family. The Bayfront, bustling by day and relaxed by night, is home to historic memorial benches, famous fishing boats, and historical landmarks that chronicle the story of the neighborhood. The waterfront location, with its stunning view of the historic Yaquina Bay Bridge, is an especially picturesque spot. Boutiques are located across the street from the main drag, which is filled with antique shops, restaurants, art galleries, and cafes. The active fishing harbour and its many fishing plants provide entertainment and an unforgettable aroma at times. Fish mongers will sell you the catch of the day all year.

Oh, The Places We'll Go

Hunt up your modern, unique blend of mementos from Newport; quirky keepsakes; boutique finds; and local favorites. Don’t forget to stop at Childish Tendencies for all your child’s gifting needs.
Childish Tendencies
Bar Fun Making Memories

Making Memories

Adults take a seat at the Barge Inn Tavern, enjoyed by locals and visitors since 1935. Take a seat near the local fishermen and listen to the local folklore.

Wine & Dine with Sea Lions

Where Sea meets land and life is good! Come down to Newport’s historic bayfront and eat at Clearwater Restaurant. The perfect place for an excellent lunch, romantic dinner or, an evening out with friends or family. A Coastal casual vibe paired with seafood, excellent cuisine and, award-winning hospitality.
Wine & Dine with Sea Lions
Arts Are Alive and Well in Newport


The Arts Are Alive and Well in Newport

For a town of 10,000, the art scene in Newport is flourishing. Art galleries, art classes, exhibits, and events featuring local and global artists. Newport is home to the Visual Arts Center and the Performing Arts Center.

Smarten Up!

In Newport, science is everywhere around you. We’ve been exploring the deepest parts of the Mighty Pacific for quite some time and in this community, learning and indulging your curiosity are not only super fun but kind of a must!
Smarten Up
Outdoors Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Get the most out of the Oregon Coast! From the giant trees in its old growth forests to the refreshing waters of the Mighty Pacific, Newport, Oregon is one of America’s best kept secrets for vacation fun.

Get Hooked!

Not only is Newport the Dungeness Crab Capital of the World but it also has the Largest Fishing Fleet on the Oregon Coast! Here, we’re fortunate to be able to boast an overwhelming abundance of fishing charters both in the open ocean and in one of our many lakes or waterways.
Fishing Get Hooked
Wellness Your Best Life

Your Best Life

Meet up with other like-minded travelers and find your fitness or savor the possibilities of a healthy getaway. We’ve got some of the healthiest places like 420 friendly boutiques, organic cafes, outdoor markets, wellness centers, and of course – the freshest coastal air on the Coast!

A New Way to Play

Discover the adventurous side of Newport with a “No Attitude” vacation vibe. Chill with the family and unwind together on one of our many delightful trails, get all the energy out on the beach, or cuddle up together under a down comforter in front of a cozy fire. It’s a whole vibe!
Kids New Way to Play

Room With A View

Newport is one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast. It’s not hard to fall in love with its endless coastline, coastal mountains, lush green forests and waterways, and of course award-winning sunsets and sunrises – all in this one place and waiting for you.

Bring It On...

Come explore the Historic Bayfront while in Newport. Kayak in of our waterways or surf the Mighty Pacific. Maybe take a trip out to our lush forests, hike our breathtaking trails and waterfalls or, just relax on one of our many incredible beaches. Options abound!

Save the Date!

Annual events held in Newport feature a diverse array of arts, entertainment, culture, and cuisine. Whether you’re visiting for Christmas, the 4th of July, our Annual Polar Plunge, or just a romantic winter getaway, you’ll find something to do every single month here.

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